Vermont Reading Partners
A Volunteer Literacy Program
Vermont Volunteer Literacy Program



Do you . . .
  • Want to read a bedtime story to your child?
  • Want to help your children with their homework?
  • Have trouble filling out applications and forms?
  • Struggle reading instructions?
  • Have trouble understanding written directions?
  • Think your reading skills are keeping you from a job promotion or getting a better job?
  • Have trouble speaking or understanding English clearly?
  • Want to go back to school but don't feel ready?
We offer:
  • Free one-on-one tutoring
  • Confidentiality
  • No classrooms
  • Student-centered goals including work-related skills
  • Flexible student-centered schedules


Who will my tutor be?
After your meeting with the Program Coordinator, you will be matched with a tutor who has been selected especially to help you meet your goals.

When will we meet? Where?
Our Program coordinator will set up your first meeting with you and your new tutor based on what works with your schedule and your tutor's schedule. She will arrange to have a public place available for you that will also be close to where you live. After that, you and your tutor can determine your meeting schedule.

What will my tutoring sessions be like?
You and your tutor will work together to decide what kinds of skills you will cover. You will also decide what reading materials you will use. Don't be afraid to tell your tutor what you want to work on each week. It's up to you to help plan your lessons.

What should I bring to my first tutoring session?
We suggest that you purchase a notebook. You'll also need a pen or pencil. Vermont Reading Partners will provide any additional materials you might need.

What are my responsibilities as a student?
In order to reach your learning goals, you need to make a commitment to our program. This means that you will make every effort to attend your tutoring sessions regularly. You will also need to spend some time each week practicing at home. Finally, as mentioned before, you'll also be responsible for helping your tutor plan what skills you will cover during your times together.

Can I bring my children to the tutoring session?
We strongly recommend that you find someone to watch your children while you are meeting with your tutor. Having your children around while you are trying to work can be very distracting. Your time spent with your tutor will be much more productive if it is just the two of you.

What happens if my tutor and I don't seem to work well together?
This happens sometimes. Don't be shy about calling our Program Coordinator for any reason, including if you are concerned about how things are going with your tutor. There are many reasons why a student/tutor pair may just not “click” together. We'll rematch you with another tutor.

How can I reach you?
The office phone number for Vermont Reading Partner is (802) 362-2323. You might want to keep that number and your tutor's number handy by writing them in your notebook. Also, remember to call your tutor as soon as you realize that you will not be able to make a tutoring session.

Contact Information
June Gutbier, Program Coordinator
PO Box 72
Manchester, Vermont 05254